Remington’s Impressive Smart Edge Pro Foil Shaver – XF8700

The Remington Smart Edge shaver is a technologically advanced foil shaver with an utmost comfort for an ultimately close and smooth shave. It delivers an excellent shaving experience for both dry and wet shave.

Outstanding Features of Remington XF8700 Smart Edge Foil Electric Shaver:

Active Hybrid Technology

The Smart Edge Pro Foil Shaver is wonderfully equipped with an active hybrid technology. The outer foil trims the longer hairs and the inner foil captures even the shortest stubbles with less pulling and minimal irritation on the skin giving you the best and the closest shave ever.

Moreover, the foil cuts both long and short hairs into the guide holes to allow removal at the root. Removing hair just below the skin surface in this manner ensures lasting shave results for less frequent sessions.

WetTech Feature   

With the help of this feature you can either choose to shave dry or wet, or both.

The waterproof WetTech design gives you the convenience for a refreshingly wet shave. But when you are in hurry you can always go for a quick dry shave. This is one luxury that manual razors will never be able to offer you.

Accu Cut Blades

Remington’s Smart Edge shaver has a stainless steel open arched advanced blades for cutting and shaving. One of the best things about the foil shavers is the way the blades flex around the curves on your face, gently maneuvering the blades over your face with less effort. The Accu cut blades produce very little noise with reduced vibration, giving you the most pleasant shaving experience.

Constant Contour Technology

The shaver has very flexible foils uniquely designed to easily move through every area of your face without any difficulty. This ensures that you get a smooth and clean shave. It has three blades all together to shave your beard successfully.

Lift Logic Foil

This shaver comes with a very special feature that gently lifts hair from multiple directions or angles for an easy and quick shave. The shaving head or the foil naturally flex around the curves in every direction. It will lift and cut smoothly.

As a result, you will not face problem such as skin irritation or razor burns.

Pivot Assist Plus

The pivot design allows the foils to stay in close contact to your face and around the neck, chin and jaw for a close and clean shave. Moreover, this will reduce irritation to your skin while shaving.

Other Benefits of Using Remington Smart Edge Dry & Wet Foil Shaver  

Comfort Trim

This shaver comes with a rounded-edge pop-up trimmer for trimming your sideburns, moustache, and goatee. It is very convenient for detailing facial hairs for a new look with different styles.

LED Display

There’s a bright digital display built into the shaver’s handle for displaying various functions like, the current status of the battery, charging indication and it will also indicate when the battery is low or down.

Lithium Powered

The Remington XF8700 Foil Shaver is powered by Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. It comfortably runs for about 60 minutes of shaving. When the battery is fully charged the comfort for a cordless shaving experience is yours. If you are in hurry you can quickly charge for about 5 minutes and use it for a quick or single shave. The XF8500 model gives about 50minutes of runtime and it take s about 120minutes to fully recharge the battery.

Travel Friendly Shaver

It has a travel lock feature that prevents the shaver from turning on accidentally making it very convenient, safe and handy to carry. This would be an ideal travel partner for grooming on the go.

Warranty & Return Policy

The manufacturer offers two years limited warranty for this model, therefore, it’s reliable, and worth investing.

The shaver is also returnable within 60 days from the date of purchase if there be any complaints. Remington guarantees the buyers the full satisfaction, with 60 days money back guarantee for any problem.

Downsides of the Remington Smart Edge Foil Shaver 

The Smart Edge Foil Shaver comes without a Cleaning System and so you will manually have to clean the shaver. However, being fully waterproof there’s no problem in cleaning or rinsing the shaver under running/tap water using the cleaning brush.

Some users do not find the charge stand very convenient. You will not be able to charge the shaver directly without the charge stand. However, when the shaver is placed correctly into the charge stand it will recharge successfully and you will be able to use for a cordless shaving without any trouble.

Specifications of Smart Edge Pro Foil Shaver Model No. XF8700 

Remington’s XF8700 electric foil shaver is slim, lightweight in design, with non-slip hands grip ergonomic handle for a comfortable shaving experience.

It has a stainless steel, active hybrid blade technology for cutting & shaving.

The total number of foils attached on the shaving head is three.

The voltage is flexible from 120 – 240V with an appropriate adapter.

It comes with a fancy charge stand for charging the shaver when the battery is down. The charge stand can be folded for traveling purposes.

This shaver is 100 percent waterproof, so you can easily wash or rinse with running water after shaving. It’s easy to clean and maintain as well.

The package includes a handy travel pouch for carrying the shaver around conveniently.

Final Thoughts 

The Remington Smart Edge Pro Foil Shaver features a revolutionary cutting system that delivers the best and the closest shaving experience for any type of hair.

I have used this shaver for the past three years, and I find it very convenient and comfortable for shaving my ingrown hair without any trouble. It shaves as close as a razor blade, in fact, much closer than I ever expected. You will surely experience the comfort of it once you start shaving through this shaver.

If you are shifting for a change, from rotary to foil shaver, I will definitely recommend you to try using Remington Smart Edge Foil shaver and test for yourself what makes a great shave. Trust me, you will get used to it very quickly.

In comparison with other brands or models of foil shavers that are available in the present market, the price of this shaver is quite reasonable and affordable. Users around the world mostly opted for Remington when it comes to foil shavers.

Experience the pleasure of shaving with Remington’s latest foil shaving technology – the XF8700 foil electric shaver; shaving will never be the same. The impressive Smart Edge Foil Shaver will make you a happy man.

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