Remington XR1330 Is Yet The Best From Remington

Remington is at the forefront of designing highly advanced electric rotary shavers. It combines its sleek looking shavers with advanced shaving technology to deliver the best shaving experience.

Mention must be made that the Remington’ HyperSeries shaver is the winner of the Red Dhyperot Award 2014. Remington rotary shavers are also well known for their skin-friendly designs and fair pricing. Lets us take a look at some of the best features of the popular XR1330 Rotary Shaver below.

Features that Makes Shaving Comfortable Like Never Before

remington-xr1330What are some key features of this shaver that makes it absolutely comfortable for use? What makes this shaver different from others? I have tried to break it down into different features and parts that make the whole shaver, and shaving experience, incredible.

Firstly, this shaver comes with a new technology called the HyperFlex technology. With flexible heads gently moving in about 360 degrees for a smooth and easy shave, this technology enables the shaving heads to adjust at any angle in order to get the best contact with your face without any discomfort. It tracks your face accurately for a perfect shave. The HyperFlex technology also helps in minimizing pressure and it reduces skin irritation as well.

Secondly, the Remington XR1330 electric shaver comes with Dual Tract PrecisionPlus heads. It has slots and holes that comfortably cut long hair and short stubbles with equal ease for an ultra-close and smooth shave. The dual blades are very effective; it cuts any type of hair without any trouble and pain.

Thirdly, the shaver also comes with an ActiveContour system that keeps the shaving heads in close contact with your skin on the neck and chin, cutting and shaving every hair with just a few passes. No matter what type of skin, facial structure, or hair texture you have, you are in good hands.

Fourthly, Remington’s WetTech feature enables you to enjoy the pleasure of both wet and dry shaving. Not all shavers come with this feature, and in fact, there are far more shavers that support only dry or wet shaving; integrated shavers like this are a boon for us. With WetTech, you have the freedom to shave your beard with either gel or foam or opt for a quick dry shave.

Finally, it has a skin friendly ComfortTrim, a.k.a. the pop-up trimmer, to assist you in trimming your sideburns, moustache, and any facial hair at ease. You can quickly trim off all unwanted hair from your face or body without spending too much time.

Remarkable Battery Life

xr1330-hyper-series-trimmerThe HyperSeries XR1330 electric shaver is powered by Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. It comfortably runs for about 40 minutes of cordless shaving when the battery is fully charged. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to fully recharge the battery.

Look and Feel

Remington produces high-quality electric shavers with advanced designs and technology. The ergonomic design with anti-grip handle makes it very comfortable to hold, and the gray & black finish gives the shaver a striking appearance. It also comes with an integrated digital indicator that is located at the handle of the shaver. It blinks when the shaver is in charging mode, and also alerts you via indication when the battery is low.


This shaver comes with a travel-friendly charge stand, which is small enough to easily fit into your carry bag whenever you are travelling. When the battery is down you just have to place the shaver on the charging stand for recharging.


Notable Perks

The Remington HyperSeries rotary shaver is completely waterproof. Therefore, it’s absolutely safe to rinse or wash with running water after every shave. It’s durable and easy to clean and maintain as well.
The manufacturer offers limited warranty for two years with 60 days money back facility if there are any problems with the shaver.

Drawbacks of the Remington Rotary Shaver Model No. XR1330

Listed below are drawbacks of this shaver:

This particular model – XR1330 does not have quick-charge facility which means when the battery completely runs out, you will have to wait for it to recharge again. However, when the battery is fully charged you can comfortably use it for a quick shave anytime at your convenience. If this is going to be an inconvenience for you, my suggestion is that you go for the Remington XR1350 that features quick charge facility with equally great battery life.
There’s no lift and cut method on this shaver. With a few passes, I have had no problem shaving. But if you are someone who prefers getting everything in fewer passes, this may not be the right shaver for you.
Some users are not very comfortable with the power cord that connects to the charging stand on the side. They would rather choose to plug in at the back. Moreover, some wish to charge the battery directly without using the charging stand. However, there’s no difference in charging the shaver directly or via a charging stand.

Specifications of the Remington Hyper Series XR1330 Electric Shaver

  • The dimension of this shaver is: 9.13inch x 3.50inch x 6.38inches
  • It weighs about 1.2 pounds only
  • This particular model comes in Gray color
  • It has a universal voltage with the range from 100V to 240V
  • This shaver comes with a travel pouch for carrying the shaver conveniently
  • It has stainless twin track blades for a close and smooth shave

My Experiences & Thoughts

I have been using electric shavers, and to be more specific, the rotary type, for the past seven years. As per my experience, the Remington HyperSeries rotary shaver is very effective for a close and smooth shave. I feel that this shaver would particularly be great for people who have longer & thicker beard because of the manner the holes are designed and also because of the excellent built-in trimmer. It’s absolutely handy and comfortable.

Price is always a factor in everything we buy. And to add to the pricing woes, most r today .H, my experience says that equally It’s reasonably priced and affordable for all type of users, especially when you compare it with other popular brands like Philips or Braun.

If you are looking for a remarkable rotary shaver with the best price, I would definitely recommend you to check out the Remington HyperSeries XR1330 model.

If you are unable to own this shaver just because of its price tag, you can also go for Remington xr1340 shaver; it’s slightly cheaper than xr1330 model but comes packed with equally powerful and functional parts.

Shaving will never be the same again; it can only go one way when you have this shaver: better

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