Panasonic Arc3 ES LT71-S Shaves Fast and Close in Comfort

From my experience of using Panasonic ES-LT71-S for the last two years, it has been  quite a pleasure shaving both wet and dry on my sensitive skin. I have medium density of facial hair and so it’s not a problem to get a clean and close shave with a linear motor of 13000 rpm (revolutions per minute). However, if you have thick hair, you should look for a shaver with more RPM of the linear motors and blades.

Does Panasonic ES-LT71-S Shaver Give the Closeness of Straight Razors?

You will get a close shave with this shaver but not as close as straight razors or manual razors do. Actually, it is not fair to compare straight razors and electric shavers because no electric shaver will give you the closeness of straight razors. The fact you should know is that the sharp edge of straight razors lie exposed with nothing to cover in between your skin and the blade and so it gives a closer shave while taking a fine layer of skin with each stroke where as in electric shavers, a thin layer of foil cover the blades for safety reasons and that’s why you don’t get cuts like you do with straight razors. Unless you are an expert, you will often get cuts and the worst thing about straight razors is that you can’t be careless and should not shave in haste.

Most of the Panasonic Arc 3 shavers have common features except for a few differences in each model. In order to avail the best shaver that suits your choice and budget, a comprehensive table of the best Arc 3 shavers may help you choose better.

A Comprehensive Table for Quick Comparison on Panasonic Arc 3 Shavers


What do People Look for in a Shaver?

The closeness of shaving is what everyone wants to get in a shaver. Panasonic Arc 3 ES LT71-S shaver blades are inclined at 30-degree to gives you a close shave with flexible pivoting head. Each foil in the pivoting head floats independently to follow the contours of your face. It moves back and forth approximately 25 degrees and moves left and right 20 degrees. This is an advantage because most blades are inclined at 40 to 50 degrees giving you a less closer shave.

Have You Ever Experienced Tugging or Pulling of Hair?

Well, it happens when your blades are worn out or if the speed of the linear motor is too less. This shaver has 13000-Rrpm with three blades and so you would definitely have lesser pulls and tugs with ES LT71-S. Tugging or pulling never happened to me because I replaced the foils and blades after one year as recommended. I haven’t spent a single penny in two years time because an extra set of cartridge, foil, and blades were included with the packaging when I bought this shaver.

Who Should Buy an ES LT71-S Shaver?

  • It is best for people on the go because it supports both wet and dry shaving. The 13000-rpm linear motor shaves fast and close. In addition to that, it comes with a charge and cleaning dock and so it’s ready to glide through your face anytime you need it.
  • If you have thin to medium type of facial hair with sensitive skin, this is the best bet for you. However, do note that it might take some time for your skin to adapt to this shaver if you are a first time user. The blades are hypoallergenic and so it causes less skin irritation.
  • People with a budget should buy this shaver because at a price range of less than $100, you won’t get a better shaver. Why should you waste your money for high-end shavers with features that you seldom use it?
  • ES LT71-S is designed ergonomically for a firm grip. The arc shape foils follows all types of facial contours easier than most regular shaped foils. All Panasonic shavers have a universal voltage of 110 to 220 Volts for charging.
  • The liquid in the cleaning dock is not alcohol based solution and so there is no problem of dryness on your skin or early dehydration of the liquid.


One of the issues with this shaver is that it doesn’t catch long beards and whiskers easily, however, if you trim long hair first with a trimmer, it does work fine. I wish the trimmer could have been bigger for a standard trimming.

Concluding Thoughts

Among Panasonic Arc 3 shavers, ES LT71-S is the best for a fresh and close shave. However, you can also opt for Panasonic ES-LT41-K with the same features without a charge and cleaning dock. It costs a few dollars less and for that, you have to take a little bit of trouble to clean it manually in tap or running water. If you don’t want to compromise your comfort, Panasonic ES LT71-S is the best option for you under $100 shaver.

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