High-end Electric Shavers


Lists of Best Electric Shaver Your Money can Buy

Highlights for PanasonicES-LV95-S (above $200)

ES-LV95-S Arc5 is one of the top models of Panasonic shavers with all the bells and whistles but it comes for a high price. However, it is not a shaver for everyone because it has five nanotech blades with arc foils that shave better for people with extremely thick hair. By default, Panasonic shavers have their blades inclined at 30 degrees so that it cuts deeper at the roots to give you a closer shave. You might have the thickest of hairs but I bet that with 14,000 RPM of the linear motors, your thick hair stands no chance to stand still when it glides on your face. Interestingly, this shaver is very gentle to the skin and so if you have sensitive skin; it’s a good buy for you. The lift tech foil works wonders by lifting up the flat lying hair and so you will always get a closer shave in a fewer passes unlike other shavers with less RPM where you would need more passes. It has ten stage LCD that indicates when you should clean your shaver, indicates when you should replace the foils and indicates the level of the remaining battery. If you don’t have much time to spend cleaning the shaver, this is perhaps the best because it cleans by itself. Experience the closeness and the comfort you will get from a premium shaver.

Highlights for Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV61-A

How tough is your beard that even Panasonic Arc4 won’t do good for you? Well, Panasonic is not without solution for the kind of tough beard you have. Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV61A is not only tough in looks but also tough in performance yet very soft to the skin. It features five nanotech blades with 14000 RPM for a clean and close shave in a few passes. It is a shaver made with a purpose for people with extraordinarily thick hair. The Japanese technology of using hypoallergenic blades in the shaver makes it skin friendly to all types of skin although your skin might need adaptation to the shaver during the first few weeks. It is not an ordinary shaver for people with ordinary hair. The multi-flex foils moves back and forth 25 degrees and moves 20 degrees left and right for a better shave. The lift-tech foils leave no chance for flat lying hair to escape its passes. It takes only one hour to get a full charge and lasts about 45 minutes. You don’t have to panic for the kind of charger it has because it has a universal voltage of charging from 110 to 240 volts. In fact, it is a tension free shaver because it is fully washable in tap water. The sonic vibration shakes off all the debris in a few seconds. All it asks from you is a few minutes to keep it clean. This shaver comes with a travel lock in order to avoid accidental damages by the shaver while carrying in your luggage.  Enjoy the advantage of shaving with the same speed of motor until the battery totally drains and get a quick charge of five minutes for a single shave when the battery is fully drained.

Braun series 9 9095cc

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Highlights for Braun series 7 799cc (mid-end shaver above $100)

Braun series 7 799cc is a priceless shaver for people with sensitive skin because it shaves without redness or irritation. If you want to feel as if you are using a new shaver everyday with fresh lemon scent, Braun series 7 799cc is your ultimate choice. Though you will not get the closeness of a manual razor blade, this shaver is the next best thing for a pleasant shaving.  It is a solid upgrade from Braun to have both wet and dry shave in 799cc. FastClean is a new feature, which you won’t find in 790cc, and it helps in cleaning much faster than the 790cc does. The interior of the shaver is solid waterproof and so cleaning is very easy. It features three different modes of personalization to suit to the kind of skin you have. Based on your skin type, you can choose from Extra Sensitive, Normal or Intensive modes for a pleasant shave. The pivoting head is flexible and so it is very easy to shave in all nooks and corners of your face. The foils are all flexible and so you need not press hard even when you shave your jaw line or throat areas. The ActiveLift foil picks up all the flat lying hair and allows it to get into the holes for a close shave.  Although it comes for a price, it is worth the investment for the comfort and pleasure you will get in shaving with this shaver.