Why Braun Series 7 is Still the Best Shaver in 2017 and Our Top 10 List

We know from experience that finding the best electric razor that is tailored for your needs is rather hard in the first go because there is a huge pool of products each claiming to be the best shaver and we tend to get lost there. Looking for a good choice straight from the marketplace is tricky even for someone like me who had been using and experimenting some of the best electric shavers for more than 20 years.

best electric razor for men

The truth is – selecting a shaver that will suit you depends on your facial hair density, facial contour and your skin type. All beards look alike but can never be treated the same. There is no such best electric shaver for everyone. You have to test, assess and evaluate many shavers before you conclude on your ideal shaver. Considering the many choices available finding your best shaver can be an expensive experiment. We want you to select the best electric razor that suits your needs without much effort and spending much money on experimenting. We have already done that and hope our unbiased electric shaver reviews will help you decide better.

Top 10 Best Electric Shavers 2017 (Foil and Rotary)

We have narrowed down our top 10 reviews about the best electric razor for men below the table.

Braun Series 7 799cc (Foil)
Philips Norelco 9700 (Rotary)
Braun Series 9-9095cc (Rotary)
Panasonic Ark 5 ES-LV65-S (Foil)
Panasonic Ark 4 ES-LA93-K (Foil)

Best Electric Razor – Our No.1 Choice

From testing to choose the best beard trimmer to exploring the best head shaver, reading up on electric shaver reviews and verifying features that manufacturers claim are awesome to scouting the market for the latest releases, we, the crew here at eversmartshaver.com, push ourselves to always be in the know. This experience, comparisons, and experiments enable us to provide you with the best electric razor reviews. We are also not affiliated with any brand, so all of our reviews are completely unbiased and are personally tested by the reviewers.

Our Pick

Out of hundreds of attractive shavers with state-of-the-art technology, choosing the best razor is not a simple task. Unless we have sample shavers and compare all the features, closeness, performance, comfort, and design side by side, coming to a conclusion that one shaver is better than the other would be biased. This is exactly why we have tested a whole range of foil and rotary shavers from Braun, Philips, Panasonic, and Remington.

To make our search easier, we split the foil shavers from rotary shavers and then picked the best foil shaver keeping in mind core features of the shaver, performance, friendliness on skin, ease of use, value for price, battery life, and ease of maintenance. We did the same with rotary shavers too. We then compared the best foil shaver with the best rotary shaver to pick the ultimate electric razor.

While we understand that pitching foil against rotary is not necessarily the best method to select the best and closest electric shaver because of the way the parts are built, we feel that testing in this method allows us to narrow down on the best of each kind. You can have your pick of the best in either category if you already have a certain bias against foil or rotary. As per our findings, Braun series 7 799cc tops the list in foil shavers while Philips Norelco 9700 in rotary shavers. We will tell you exactly why these shavers are our best picks.

Braun Series 7 799cc: The Best Foil Electric Shaver

best electric shaver for men

There is a very fine line when it comes to getting a close shave and skinning your skin. While many may say that you can never get a shave as close as a razor’s with an electric shaver, not scrapping the skin directly with the razor has been beneficial for a lot of people. The thin layer of foil that comes between the blades and the skin in an electric razor helps protect the skin. This is the reason why many users consider this as one of the best shaver for sensitive skin.

One chief concern with electric shavers is the fact that while the foil does protect the skin, many complain that the shave is not close enough. This one major area of concern is eliminated when you shave with the Series 7 799cc, Braun’s first wet and dry shave, an upgrade of the 790cc shaver. As per our experience, you get really close shave, better than any other shaver we have tested so far with the difference in closeness between straight razors or safety razors almost negligible.

We look for comfort and closeness coupled with speed when shaving and we have all of it in 799cc. Unique features such as the patented ActiveLift trimmer shaves your beard in a fewer passes. The nightmare zone a.k.a, the throat area, is relatively easy to handle with this shaver because flat lying hair in your throat areas are lifted up so that it doesn’t escape its passes. You can go from the base of your throat to your chin area in one single sweep with minimal motor effort from your side which guarantees comfort shaving with every shave. You can also enjoy dry shaving as well as a refreshing wet shave with gel or foam with this shaver which is a wonderful luxury that comes at no additional cost. The shaver is completely waterproof, so you can rest your worries of water spoiling the shaver aside. Our testers wholly enjoy the excellent trimmer that this shaver comes with for shaving non-facial areas like the side burns.

We also love the clean and renew system of this shaver. It cleans with an alcohol based solution, has a fresh lemon scent, keeps the blades fresh and new for the next shave, and even increases the lifespan of the blades dramatically. The LCD display indicates the remaining battery, charges automatically, lubricates on its own and even display when you should replace the shaving head as well. The clean and renew system is ten times more hygienic than cleaning manually with running water. You even have an incredible fast clean feature that cleans your shaver within 25 seconds. We give full points for the efficiency of this system because we not only save a lot of time but it also does miracles to keep the shaver in top condition.

Over all, this is a solidly built shaver that caters to comfort while handling, gentleness on the skin while shaving, and convenient maintenance at a relatively affordable long-term investment.


Philips Norelco 9700: The Best Rotary Electric Shaver


Rotary shavers are interestingly built. It is easy to get a mentally comfortable picture with foil shavers because they look a wee bit like our manual disposable razors. In contrary, rotary shavers may look a little intimidating with all the floating heads and grinding circular motions. Rotary shavers are designed in such a way that all hard-to-reach spots are easily covered. They glide over facial cuts and contour with equal ease and make it absolutely easy for use for people with thicker or coarser facial hair.

When it comes to rotary shavers, the Philips Norelco series is widely known and a favorite among many. Amongst all Philips models, we have come to the conclusion that the Norelco 9700 model is the undisputed king. This is because it comes with a rotating head that moves in 8 different directions, vital for a close and easy shave. Just like the Braun 799cc, this shaver also comes with three adjustable shaving speeds which make it friendly for different users with different shaving needs. The performance between all three settings is consistent and one is not better than the other; you just have to find the setting that works for you. There is hardly any tug and pull that you generally experience with bad rotary shavers because of the precision V styled blades and you can do away with painful shaving forever. All hard to reach zones like the jaw line, especially for men with very angular jaw bone, and the throat areas are an easy breeze.

It is common knowledge that rotary shavers are naturally quieter than foil shavers and we love the fact that this shaver is by far the quietest rotary shaver we have tested so far. This ensures that there is no loud buzzing noise early in the morning or inconveniently at night, especially when you have roommates, spouse, or children. The battery life is good as any and last slightly longer than the claimed 50 minutes on a single charge. The quick 5 minute charge option works quite efficiently as well. We like seeing the battery life up front without any no muss or fuss. The ventilated travel case is quite sturdy and elegant too. The cleaning dock performs its job thoroughly and leaves no grime or oil behind.

Delivering a brilliant combination of blades that cut swiftly, grip that is tough and comfortable, body that is well-designed, battery life that last long, and literally no time spent on maintenance because of the cleaning dock, this shaver sure is a winner.


Why Did We Pick Braun 7 799cc Over Philips Norelco 9700 As the Ultimate Electric Shaver?

If we go point by point, there are not many differences between the Braun series 7 799cc and the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 9700 in features and performance except for the glaring fact that one is a foil shaver while the other is rotary. Philips Norelco is rotary and so it shaves well for fewer people when compared with Braun series 7 799cc which is a foil shaver and is more easily agreeable to a wider audience. There is practically nothing wrong with the performance and functions of the Philips Norelco 9700, it’s just that people with sensitive skin and ingrown hair problems tend to have more issues with rotary shavers in general. But since this is a contend for the best electric shaver for men in the market, we will nitpick and go point by point as to why we picked Braun 799cc over Philips 9700:

  • It is easier to reach the upper lip portion while shaving with the Braun than with the Philips
  • The Braun shaver comes with a built-in pop-up trimmer while you have to manually attach the trimmer on the Philips.
  • These two shavers have a base price difference of $50 which may increase rapidly when sales and discounts are on. Philips Norelco 9700 is more expensive at than Braun 799cc with no accountable performance reason except housing.

Advantages of Using Electric Shaver

There is no comparison between electric and manual shaver. In a sense, they are two different world. So, this is not a comparison between the two.

Shaving, shearing, trimming, grooming — call it what you like, but it is something that any blooded male performs almost every day. Shaving was not simple or painless. If we briefly glance back to the history of shaving, it has been found that before the invention of razors, which we widely use today, men have been found using shells, rough iron, flattened bronze, and other hand-made tools to keep their facial hair in control during the pre-historic period. There even was a time when men actually plucked their facial hair off or scrubbed their faces with pumice stones. Ouch! Ah, the pain we go through to keep ourselves groomed and clean!

Fast-forwarding from that point to modern day, we know that straight razors and safety razors make our shaving chapters’ pretty smooth sailing. They are, however, not perfectly safe and tend to leave ingrown hair or leave cuts and nicks pretty regularly because it is naked blade vs. skin that we are talking about after all. So, stepping up from entirely naked blades, electric shavers came into existence for men that would like to explore just a little bit more for added comfort and convenience. This is not to say that these breed of men can’t think conventionally – they can, but they prefer the eccentric and avant-garde to the same-old, same-old.

Running the blade up and down, left to right, tugging your skin to make it taut while being super careful not to cut yourself, well, all of this is a story of the past when you use an electric shaver. An electric shaver performs the function of cleaning facial hair for you quite efficiently without any added effort. Remember the horror of dry shaving with manual razors? Well, now, you can do away with your foams and gels if you want because an electric shaver totally allows you to dry shave with perfect results every single time. If you want a full-fledged wet shave on occasion, you can do that too. The scope of when and where you shave just widened its horizon ten-fold with the emergence of electric shavers.

Electric shaver maintenance is cost-effective. Yearly maintenance would cost around $10 – $50 depending on the shaver. And once we buy a decent electric shaver it’ll last for 5 years and above. We’d most likely upgrade it before it stop working. The cost is $30-$60 a year for those using cartridge razors.

Types of Blades in Electric Shavers

Typically, there are two distinct types of heads with electric shavers: foil and rotary. You will be able to distinguish these two types of heads quite easily. Shaving heads with foil blades are rectangular in shape and have row blades that oscillate. You run the shaver in an up and down motion to let the hair enter small slots cut out in the foil that comes between the skin and the blades. This makes the shaver pretty accident proof and works for almost anyone. Braun shavers are very good examples of foil-type electric shavers.

Rotary shavers have circular heads, typically three or more, and these rotating disks cuts the hair. This type of shaver is ideal for people who have thick facial hair and has little to no problems with ingrown hair. Philips Norelco series are solidly built examples of rotary-type shavers.

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