Incredible Braun Series 3 390cc-4 Budget Shaver

Braun shavers are known worldwide for their excellence in performance and comfort. They pride themselves in developing

Braun_Series_3_390cc-4 excellent foil-type electric shavers that are uncomplicated and smart. The Braun Series 3 is one of the several series that Braun delivers each year.

A shaver is, indeed, one of the most essential and useful grooming tools for a smart and fresh look. If I were to ask you what your favorite choice of electric shaver is, the answers will vary greatly and I am sure many will even say that they haven’t climbed abroad the electric shaver bandwagon.  Well, regardless of whether you are an experienced electric shaver user or someone researching for information and reviews about good electric shavers, this review, I believe, will surely add to your information. Let us take a look at what this shaver can do.

What’s so Incredible About the Braun Series 390cc-4 Electric Shaver?

Ease in Shaving

One of the best features of the Braun foil shaver is the ability to shave both short and long facial hair with equal ease. This electric shaver uses triple-action cutting technology that makes shaving easy, fast, and comfortable. With the improved triple-action free-float system, shaving is quite convenient and hassle free. It follows any facial contours with ease.

Precision Trimmer for Trimming 

Series_390cc_headIf you are someone who likes to keep your face clean shaven, you will invariably need this trimmer to keep those sideburns in place. There may also be occasions when your beard has grown long and is not just mere stubbles anymore. Hitting a round with the trimmer and then shaving is the preferred method on to ensure that your do not experience any tugging while shaving. In general, this trimmer is also perfect for trimming your moustache and styling. It is sharp and on point.


Caters to Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive, shavers from Braun Series 3 would be an ideal choice for you since it has a built-in skin conditioner. This reduces up to 30% less skin irritation when compared with the rotary electric shavers.

Completely Waterproof and Washable

This Braun electric shaver is 100 percent waterproof and fully washable, even though it’s meant for dry shaving only. On that note, if you want a shaver with both dry shaving and wet shaving in the Series 3 category, check out both Braun Series 380s-4
and Series 340s-4

Convenient Cleaning and Maintenance

Braun_3_390ccOne thing I like best about the Braun 3 Series Shaver is  the Braun Clean and Renew system that it comes with. With the help of this system, you don’t need to waste your time and energy in cleaning the blades after shaving. At the press of a button, your shaver automatically gets clean and dry. Moreover, with this system, it becomes fairly easy and convenient to lubricate the cartridge and charge the shaver.

Thus, cleaning and maintenance is extremely easy when it comes to this shaver. It is also a known fact that in order to boost the performance of any shaver, you have to keep the shaver neat, clean, and dry. The fully sealed body and clean and renew system gives you unsurpassed excellence in this regard.

Functional LED Display

This shaver is crafted with 4 stage LED display. So, whenever you recharge the battery, it gets displayed on this screen. Moreover, it will also show you the status of the shaver’s hygiene. Accordingly, follow alerts in order to get the best performance.

Other Specifications about Braun 3 Series Shaver Model 390cc-4 

  • The dimension of this shaver is: 6.2inches x 6.2inches x 9.9 inches.
  • The 3 Series 390cc 4 model weighs about 2.4 pounds only.
  • This foil shaver comes with an elegant noble metal color.
  • The recommended power voltage for this unit is 100V to 240V.
  • The package includes the following: Travel pouch, cleaning brush, clean and renew system along with cartridge.

Special Tips for the Perfect Shaving Experence 

Braun recommends and encourages every user to follow three simple steps for the best results:

  • It’s always advisable to shave first, before washing your face.
  • Gently hold the shaver in your hand at right angle, i.e. 90 degree, to your skin at all times for a perfect shave.
  • You are encouraged to stretch your skin and shave gently for a close and tight shave.

Safety Warning and Suggestions

  • This shaver comes with a special cord set to provide an integrated safety extra-low voltage power supply. So, don’t temper or exchange with any other parts, otherwise there’s a possibility for electrical shocks.
  • It’s recommended to keep the shaver out of reach from children.
  • This appliance is not safe for children or persons with mental capabilities without supervision.
  • It’s a flammable device; the contents may catch fire. So, do not smoke while shaving.
  • The manufacturer recommends users to change the shaving head or replace the cutter parts every 18 months. This will give the best performance.
  • Parts are easily available for replacement.

Final Thoughts

The Braun 390cc-4 is deservedly the topmost leading shaver within the Series 3 models. This electric foil shaver is designed to automatically adapt to the unique contours of every individual face and skin, delivering close and customized shave for a clean and fresh look every day.

Braun Series 350cc-4 has similar features with that of the 390cc-4 model. However, there’s a difference in price and performance. The 350cc4 is much cheaper when compared with 390cc4. This is not to say that this shaver is not affordable, it is. It’s just that price and performance is higher in this shaver when compared with that 350cc4 model.

Personally, I get absolutely close shave with this shaver every time and I primarily use this shaver for dry shaving. This is my go-to shaver when I need a quick fix because I just have to glide it through my face a couple of times, put it in the clean and renew station and them I am done. The shaver is charged and is fresh and clean every single time I want to use it with absolutely zero fuss. This shaver is a gem.

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