Best Electric Shavers Below $100

I find choosing the right shaver in this price segment very tricky. You may not get the best features, innovations or designs as compared to high-end shavers neither are you paying less price as the low budgeted shavers to be able to wave off when you get hold of a wrong shaver. Moreover, competition among manufacturers is highest in the mid price range shavers. Too many options spoil the right choice. It is tedious process as you decide from the many choices available claiming to be the best in the market, but mostly gimmicks.

Highlights for Braun series 3 3050cc 

What’s better than being hygienic while shaving? Braun series 3 3050cc is committed to serve you better with a Clean and Renew system, which cleans, renew and lubricates the blades for longevity of its life span. It is engineered to give you the best shot in the mid range shaver with triple foils for a close shave with less irritation. In every stroke, it catches more hair and so you get a closer shave with less passes. The battery life of this shaver is worth a big applause because once it gets fully charged; it lasts for about 45 minutes that gives you almost 12 shaves at the rate of three minutes if you shave on every day basis. The Clean and Renew system of this shaver is very handy for those who don’t have time to manually clean the shaver. The alcohol-based solution of this shaver has a fresh lemon scent for a fresh smell after each shave. In times of emergencies when the battery is fully drained, you can get a quick five minutes charge for a single shave and so you will never go untidy to your office. The head of the shaver is flexible and floats freely and so it follows the unique contour of your face at ease. In case you need to shave a week’s old beard, there is a pop-up trimmer to trim off the long hair first for a comfortable shave. When the price and features of this shaver is compared, I feel that the features outweigh the price. This is an excellent shaver for people with normal type of hair.