Review on Bald Eagle Pro by skull shaver (wet & dry)



The first look of the latest Bald Eagle Pro will give you the feeling that it is the kind of shaver made for you. It differs completely from other shavers that you have come across in design and style. As the name suggest, it is a unique head shaver especially designed for those people who usually keep their head bald. It is the best balding machine available as well as a reliable face shaver. Take a closer look at the shaver’s head, you’d realise it can handle the contours of your head and your face too.

As this machine is specially designed for balding your head, it has all the technical features to make your experience wonderful and result worthwhile. The 5 rotary flexing head that runs with a powerful 10,500 RPM will tell it all. It guarantees the closest shave ever just in few minutes.  The best part is you can use it for dry or wet shaving. It comes with a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery that fully charge in just about 2 hours. You will be amazed by the durability of the battery life, it gives you 90 minutes cordless use- triple the life of other battery.




I’d say the Best Head Shaver at the Present Market

The advancing technology never disappoints us. This Bald Eagle Pro is the latest addition by Skull Shaver with improvised and updated features after taking into account the entire customer’s feedback. And truly, the outcome is magnificent and the result is applaudable.

This balding machine cum shaver has five rotary heads that are flexible. The unit functions with 10,500 RPM. Balding your head is made much easier and more comfortable by the flexing head. The 5 rotary heads spares nothing, cutting all hair from the root at minimal time. It shaves super-fast and delivers the closeness that you desire. Not only giving you the best shave, this balding shaver is a real bonus when it comes to skin protection. It is designed in such a way that you will not face any rashes, cuts or irritation by using this product. There is another variant of this head shaver, check out the differences from the manufacturer’s site- Bald Eagle Essential Vs Bald Eagle Pro.

Salient features of Bald Eagle Pro

  • 10500 RPM.
  • 5 rotary heads.
  • Flexible and contour following head.
  • Patented design for easy fit on your palm and firm control.
  • For both wet and dry shaving.
  • 90 minutes cordless use.
  • A digital battery life indicator.
  • Quick charge and strong lithium-ion battery.
  • Water washable.
  • Portable.

Why is Skull Shaver an Ideal Choice?

Certainly, it will give you a better result than other costlier top rated shaver when it comes to balding your head. The advantages it has over other shavers are as follows.

Patented handle design: It differs from all other shaver in design. It is somehow horizontal unlike the usual vertical design. It gives you a firm control while using it.

Wet & dry use: The older version offers only dry shave. But with this latest version, wet shaving has been updated. This is a great addition as you have independent choice whether to shave dry or wet depending on your mood. Also under this heading, it is worth mentioning that this machine can be washed in running water or under the tap.

90 minutes cordless use: Seriously…90 minutes? This is amazing. Most of the best shaver gives you maximum 60 minutes cordless use. Its lithium-ion battery charge quickly in two and half hours and gives you 90 minutes use.

Safe and precise cut: This machine is user friendly and very safe for your skin. This machine will prevent any cuts or irritation. The 5 rotary heads have a thin sharp blade that cuts your hair closely giving you a precise overall control.

Closer and faster: This is another point to ponder about. We all desire that close clean shave and as we are very busy and have less time, we all want shaving to be fast and quick. The 10,500 RPM motor and the five individual flexing head is designed for that very purpose.

Accessories and attachment: Another great advantage is that you can attach extra equipments and use it as a multipurpose shaver. Travel case, nose/ear/hair trimmer, foil body shaver, USB charger, car charger, etc are available at extra cost.

Final critic

Okay. If you decide against this shaver and still looking for a shaver that can do a decent job for balding – go for a multiple head rotary shaver. Engineering and design of rotary shaver favours the task. Otherwise this machine is the right choice if you are looking for a balding machine. No other shaver can match the closeness, comfort and convenience as this one. Above all, it is a wise decision and a fairly price product from Skull Shaver.

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